Pictured from left to right: Department Oratorical Contest Chairman Jerry Samuelson, 4th Place Josie Markusen, Park River, 3rd Place Dakota Anne Sipe, Watford City, 2nd Place Kyler Smith, Dickinson, 1st Place Preeti Chemiti, Fargo and American Legion Department Commander Karen Meier

2018-2019 Oratorical District/Region/State Contest Schedule

2018-2019 Department High School Oratorical Scholarship Program Rules

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2018-2019 National Official High School Oratorical Scholarship Program Rules

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LAST YEAR'S 2017-18 Region and District Oratorical Contest Winners

Eastern Division
Preeti Chemiti, Fargo
Josie Markusen, Park River

Western Division
Kyler Smith, Dickinson
Dakota Anne Sipe, Watford City

District 1 Oratorical Champions
Preeti Chemiti, Fargo
Maddison Williams, Mayville

District 2 Oratorical Champions
Tobias Zikmund, Pisek
Josie Markusen, Park River

District 3 Oratorical Champion
Michael Kurtti, Rocklake (Rolla High School)

District 4 Oratorical Champions
Destiny Stedman, Carrington
Laurie Struxness, Carrington

District 5 Oratorical Champions
Brayden Meyer, Bismarck
Tiffany Smith, Linton

District 8 Oratorical Champions
Kyler Smith, Dickinson
Emma Dazell, Dickinson

District 9 Oratorical Champions
Dakota Anne Sipe, Watford City
Tanner Thompson, Ray

District 10 Oratorical Champion
Erick Anderson, Wahpeton

District 1 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Dave Rice

District 2 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Vern Houser

District 3 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Dan Stave

District 4 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Duane Anderson

District 5 Oratorical Contest
C0-Chairman Vern Fetch and Karen Meier

District 6 Oratorical Contest
N/A Contact Chairman Jerry Samuelson 701-770-7147

District 7 Oratorical Contest

District 8 Oratorical Contest
Chairman David Delpadre

District 9 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Mike Weyrauch

District 10 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Tim Kuehl