Pictured from left to right:  American Legion Department Commander Kenny Wiederholt, 2019-2020  Oratorical Winners: 1st Place Sara Smith, Fargo, 2nd Place Kylar Walter, Watford City, 3rd Place Rachel Goven, Turtle Lake, 4th Place Jack Manstrom, Wyndmere and  Department Oratorical Contest Chairman Jerry Samuelson

2020-2021 Oratorical District/Region/State Contest Schedule

2020-2021 Department High School Oratorical Scholarship Program Rules

2020-2021 Oratorical Poster

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2020-2021 National Official High School Oratorical Scholarship Program Rules

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2020-2021 State, Region and District Oratorical Contest Winners

State Oratorical Winners

1st Place -

2nd Place -

3rd Place -

4th Place -


Eastern Division

1st Place -
2nd Place -

Western Division

1st Place -
2nd Place -


District 1 Oratorical Champion
1st Place - Jacob Schulz, Fargo, ND

District 2 Oratorical Champions
No Contestants

District 3 Oratorical Champions
Haley Mayer, Rugby, ND
Madison Corum, Rugby, ND

District 4 Oratorical Champions
No Contestants

District 5 Oratorical Champion
No Contestants

District 6 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - David Crain, Williston, ND

District 7 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - Samantha Ellison, Lemmon, SD
2nd Place - Kathryn Dziuk, Glen Ullin, ND
3rd Place - Avery Roth, New Leipzig, ND

District 8 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - Emma Dazell, Dickinson, ND
2nd Place - Julianne Kadrmas, Dickinson, ND
3rd Place - Irish Morris, Scranton, ND

District 9 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - Ellie Schmitz, Watford City, ND

District 10 Oratorical Champion
1st Place - Jack Manstrom, Wyndmere, ND
2nd Place - Ella Weinman, Wahpeton, ND

District 1 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Dave Rice

District 2 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Quinnlyn Thompson

District 3 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Dan Stave

District 4 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Duane Anderson

District 5 Oratorical Contest
C0-Chairman Vern Fetch and Karen Meier

District 6 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Heather Thompson

District 7 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Orletta Kilen

District 8 Oratorical Contest
Chairman David Delpadre

District 9 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Mike Weyrauch

District 10 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Gerald Puetz