Baseball / Athletic

Important Dates

May 1 
Team Registration Deadline

June 28 
Team Registration Form 1 (Rosters) due

July 23
Completion of Class B Districts Tournaments

Class B  District Tournaments:
1st District - TBD
2nd District - TBD
3rd District - TBD
4th District - TBD
5th District - TBD
6th District - TBD
7th District - TBD

July 21-25
Class A East and West Divisional Tournaments:
East Division - Kindred
West Division - Watford City

July 27-31
Class AA State Tournament – Mandan

July  30 - August 3
Class A State Tournament – Jamestown

July 29 - August 3
Class B State Tournament – Oakes

August 4-8
Central Plains Regional Tournament – Sioux Falls, SD

August 12-17
American Legion World Series – Shelby, NC

January 1, 2021
Deadline for submission of recommended policy changes to Dept Hqs.

Athletic Committee

National American Legion Baseball Page
National American Legion Baseball Rule 2021

American Legion Department of ND Baseball Policy Manual 2021

ND American Legion Baseball Hall of Fame