Pictured from left to right: ND American Legion Department Commander Orletta Kilen 1st Place Preeti Chemiti, 2nd Place Elizabeth Yoder, 3rd Place Tanner Thompson, 4th Place Samantha Nordmark and Department Oratorical Contest Chairman Jerry Samuelson


2017-2018 Department High School Oratorical Scholarship Program Rules

National Oratorical Website

2017-2018 National Official High School Oratorical Scholarship Program Rules

Oratorical PosterDistrict Map

Oratorical Brochure

Oratorical Video

Department Oratorical Committee Chairmen Emails 


2016-2017 Region and District Oratorical Contest Schedule 

2016-2017 District Oratorical First and Second Place Winners

District 1 Oratorical Champions

1st Place Preeti Chemiti, West Fargo, ND
2nd Place Maddison Williams, Mayville, ND

District 2 Oratorical Champions

1st Place Ifedayo Omotunde, Park River, ND
2nd Place Emily Dosch, Grand Forks, ND

District 3 Oratorical Champions

1st Place Samantha Nordmark, Rolla, ND
2nd Place Gabbie Miller, Cando, ND

District 4 Oratorical Champions

1st Place Destiny Stedman, Carrington, ND
2nd Place Kaylee Weninger, Carrington, ND

District 5 Oratorical Champions

1st Place – Brayden Meyer, Bismarck, ND
2nd Place – Kathleen Ryan, Bismarck, ND

District 7 Oratorical Champions

1st Place – Mary Hintz, Flasher, ND
2nd Place – Elise Reed, Hazen, ND

District 8 Oratorical Champions

1st Place Elizabeth Yoder, Dickinson, ND

District 9 Oratorical Champions

1st Place Tanner Thompson, Ray, ND
2nd Place Iida Lehto, Watford City, ND

District 10 Oratorical Champions

1st Place – Kolten Mellem, Wyndmere, ND





District 1 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Dave Rice
District 2 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Vern Houser
District 3 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Dan Stave
District 4 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Warren Tobin
District 5 Oratorical Contest
C0-Chairman Vern Fetch and Karen Meier
District 6 Oratorical Contest
N/A  Contact Chairman Jerry Samuelson 701-770-7147
District 7 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Daniel Devitt
District 8 Oratorical Contest
 N/A Contact Chairman Jerry Samuelson 701-770-7147
District 9 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Mike Weyrauch
District 10 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Tim Kuehl




District 5 Oratorical Champions

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