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Oratorical 2013

Arvilla, ND, Junior Wins Oratorical Contest

Home Schooled David Shelton, sponsored by Larimore Post #97, was named the North Dakota American Legion Oratorical Champion following the 2013 State Contest, February 2 at The American Legion’s Winter Conference in Minot.  David was the 2nd Place winner in the East Division Contest.  David is the son of Joe and Deborah Shelton of Arvilla.

The purpose of The American Legion’s High School Oratorical Contest is to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the Constitution of the United States on the part of high school students.  Objectives of the contest include the development of leadership qualities, the ability to think and speak clearly and intelligently, and the preparation for acceptance of the duties and responsibilities, the rights and privileges of American citizenship.

State Champion, Shelton received a $250 cash scholarship provided by the ND American Legion, a $175 Cash Scholarship Award from the Sam Tolchinsky Endowment Fund, administered by the ND Community Foundation, and the C.W. Leifur Traveling Trophy, which will remain on display at his school until next year’s contest.  He had previously won a $200 Cash Award from the ND American Legion and a desk set as the 2nd Place Eastern Division Champion along with a $300 Cash Award from the Chuck Schroeder Memorial Oratorical Fund for winning the 1st District Contest.

David began his run for the title by winning the District 1 Contest and he then finished Second at the Eastern Division Contest.  He moves on to the National Contest, which will be held in Indianapolis, IN, April 19-21, 2013. Top winners from all states will come together at one site for 3 rounds of competition. The first round will have 9 contests each with 6 contestants. Winners of these 9 contests will advance to the second round of 3 contests with 3 contestants each.  The final round will consist of the 3 finalists to determine the 2013 National Oratorical Contest Champion.  Shelton will also receive a $1,500 Scholarship for competing in the first round of the National Contest.  If he wins the first round, he will advance and he will receive an additional $1,500 scholarship if eliminated or if he advances to the National Finals, he will win either $14,000 – $16,000 or $18,000 in scholarships.

Second Place went to Anjali Lall, daughter of Vinod Lall, who won the 1st District Contest and finished First in the East Division.   Anjali is a senior at DaviesHigh School in Fargo.  She will receive $200 from the ND American Legion and $125 from the Sam Tolchinsky Endowment Fund to go along with the $300 Cash Award for the District win and $300 Cash Award and a desk pen set for First Place in the East Division.

Lexi Nistler, a Junior at BeachHigh School, will receive a $150 cash scholarship from the North Dakota American Legion and $50 from the Kennelly Scholarship Award for finishing Third at State.  As the Eighth District winner she received a $300 Cash Award.  Nistler finished Second in the Western Division Contest and earned a $200 Cash Award from the ND American Legion and a desk pen set.  Lexi is the daughter of Perry and Tammy Nistler.

Garrick Voigt, a Junior from LintonHigh School, finished in Fourth Place at State after winning the 5th District Contest and finished First in the Western Division Contest and earned a $300 Cash Award from the American Legion and a desk pen set. Garrick will take home a $100 Cash Award from the North Dakota American Legion for the state contest and $300 Cash Award for the District.  Garrick is the son of Doug Voight and Tracie Ritz.

The North Dakota American Legion provides for the Cash Awards earned at the Divisional Contests.  Cash won at the District level contests come from the Chuck Schroeder Memorial Oratorical Contest Fund now administered by the ND American Legion.  District winners receive Cash Awards of $300 for First, $200 for Second and $100 for Third.  This year $6,950 in Cash Awards was earned by the winners of The American Legion High School Oratorical Contest in North Dakota
1st District, 1st Place Anjali Lall, Fargo, ND, Senior.
2nd District, 1st Place David Shelton, Arvilla, ND, Junior, 2nd Place Bridget Forester, Pisek, ND, Senior, 3rd Place Katrina Nord, Adams, ND, Senior.
3rd District, 1st Place Kirsten Stave, Rolette, ND, Junior.
4th District, 1st Place Keaton Erickson, Carrington, ND, Freshman, 2nd Place Jordan Wold, Carrington, ND, Sophomore, 3rd Place Caleb Reich, Medina, ND, Senior.
5th District, 1st Place Garrick Voigt, Linton, ND, Junior, 2nd Place Hanna Olson, Bismarck, ND,Sophomore.

6th District, 1st Place  Connor J. Martinez, Upham, ND, Junior.
7th District, 1st Place Breanne Fugate, Elgin, ND, Junior, 2nd Place John Jockim, Flasher, ND, Sophomore.
8th District, 1st Place Lexi Nistler, Beach, ND, Junior, 2nd Place Veronica Dvorak, New England, ND, Senior, 3rd Place Kayla Olson, New England, ND, Junior
9th District, 1st Place Emily RamageWatford City, ND, Senior, 2nd Place Tara Jo Loomer, Watford City, ND, Senior, 3rd Place Samantha Jorgenson, Watford City, ND, Senior.
10th District, 1st Place Jessica Mastel, Wahpeton, ND, Junior, 2nd Place Samantha Goerger,  Wyndmere, ND, Sophomore, 3rd Place Jared Hoglin, Hankinson, ND, Sophomore.

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