Department Commander Orletta Kilen

Department Commander Orletta Kilen

Department Commander Orletta Kilen

Orletta Kilen was confirmed as the 2016-2017 Department Commander at to the annual Department Convention in Fargo, ND, on June 24-26. Department Commander Kilen and is a 23-year member of her post. She has served as District 7 Vice-Commander, District 7 Commander, West Region Vice Commander and Department Commander-Elect.  Orletta has also served on the ACOVA for nine years and served on the ND Veteran’s Home Board for seven years.  Kilen served 22 years in the U.S. Army and Army Reserves and retired as a Lt. Col.


Fall District Meetings District Map

The 2016Fall District Meetings were held September 12-16 and September 27 -October 1.  Prior to each District meeting, the American Legion hosted an information session regarding the Measure #4 which was open to the public.  The Department of North Dakota had representatives in attendance from 95 out of the 215 Posts in the state.

2016 Camp Grafton Disabled Veteran Hunt

The Barnes County Veteran Service Office in cooperation with North Dakota Department of Fish and Game would like to announce the 2016 Camp Grafton Disabled Veteran Hunt for Veterans who are 50% disabled or greater. The Disabled Veteran Hunt will take place on Monday, November 7th and Tuesday, November 8th at Camp Grafton, ND.  Applications are due by July 29th and are available from any County Veteran Service Office.

Department Convention Sweepstakes Winners

$2500.00 – Helen Gunderson
  $750.00 – Vincent Bitz
  $500.00 – Mavis Miller
  $150.00 – Lisa Bryant
  $100.00 – Kathy Moos